The Capital Press Club By-Laws



Section 1: Applications for membership shall be referred to the Membership Committee, which shall review the qualifications of the applicant, act upon the application within 30 days and report its action to the membership at the organization’s next business meeting.

Section 2: Individual membership dues are $55 per membership fiscal year, which begins each January.

Section 3: During the first week of December, membership renewal notices will be sent to the entire membership with a due date of the following January. All dues must be paid by Feb. 1. A single reminder will be sent to members during the last week of January. After Feb. 28, those members who have not submitted their renewal fees will be deleted from the financially active membership list until their dues are paid. A reinstatement fee of $25 shall be imposed on inactive members in addition to the past due membership dues.

Section 4: Individuals joining the organization for the first time between February and July will be considered as paid members for that fiscal year. At the beginning of the next fiscal year — January — these members will be due to renew their annual membership dues.

Section 5: Individuals joining after August of any respective year will be considered paid members for the remainder of that fiscal year and the next full fiscal year. At the beginning of the next fiscal year—approximately 12 to 16 months later—these members will be due to renew their annual membership dues.

Section 6: As a current active member of the organization, the member shall be entitle to the following privileges: free admission to general membership meetings, newsmaker forums, Christmas party, and summer picnic; total access to the “Members Only” section of the CPC Web site, and reduced fees to the annual awards dinner, special professional seminars, workshops and other events designated by the majority vote of the membership as fundraising activities.

Duties of Officers

Section 1: The president shall preside at meetings of the general membership and shall assume the other duties of that office as prescribed in Roberts Rules of Order.

Section 2: The first vice president shall preside over the Executive Committee and carry out such other duties as assigned by the president. In the absence of the president, the vice president shall assume the duties of the president.

Section 3: The second vice president shall serve as the ex officio committee chair for all standing and ad hoc committees. This position provides oversight and/or guidance, as needed, to all committee chairs of the CPC. This is a facilitating/problem-solving function aimed at ensuring committee tasks are executed properly and in a timely fashion consistent with agreed upon guidance from the Board of Directors.

Section 4: The secretary shall be responsible for keeping minutes of all meetings of the membership and of the Executive Committee, for keeping a roster of the membership, sending out all notices, and maintaining the organization’s correspondence.

Section 5: The treasurer shall receive and serve as the custodian of all monies of the organization, maintain a record of such payments and disburse monies on receiving the proper documentation. All documentation to disburse monies in any amount over $25 requires the verbal approval and /or co-signatures of the president and treasurer. The vice president can act in the president’s stead in the president’s absence and only with the president’s knowledge and after reasonable care has been taken to secure the president’s approval and/or signature. There is no signatory-designee for the treasurer.


Standing Committees

Section 1: The standing committees of the organization shall be:

1. Executive Committee

2. Program Committee

3. Membership Committee

4. Development Committee

5. Communications Committee

6. Public Relations Committee

7. Community Outreach Committee

8. Diversity Committee

9. Professional Standards Committee

10. Auditing Committee

Section 2: All standing committee and such special committees as are deemed necessary shall be appointed by the Executive Committee.

Section 3: All standing committee chairpersons shall attend the monthly Executive Committee meetings. If the chairperson cannot attend the meeting, a representative from that respective committee should attend in the chairperson’s absence.

Section 4: Committee chairpersons shall present a monthly report to the Executive Committee. The report should include the following:

§ Scheduled meeting dates

§ Financial report (if applicable)

§ Upcoming activities

§ List of committee members (initial report)

§ Projected completion date (if applicable)


Election of Officers

Section 1: Only active members shall be eligible to hold office in the organization.

Section 2: Officers of the organization shall be elected by a majority vote of the active members.

Section 3: No officer of the organization shall serve more than two successive — four years — full terms in the same office.

Section 4: Elected officers shall attend no fewer than six of the scheduled Executive Committee meetings and no fewer than six of the general membership meetings. Any elected official who attends fewer than six executive committee meetings and fewer than six general membership meetings shall not be eligible for reelection during the next election.

Section 5: Elected officers shall not miss more than two consecutive Executive Committee meetings or two consecutive general membership meetings. If more than two consecutive executive meetings and more than two consecutive general membership meetings are not attended by an elected officer, that person shall be removed from the elected position. Roberts Rules of Order shall be followed in filling the vacant position or the president shall appoint someone to occupy the current vacancy from the elected board or the standing committee chairpersons. This appointment shall be approved by two-thirds of the Executive Committee.



Section 1: Executive Committee meetings of the organization shall be held on the first Tuesday of every month, except when the first Tuesday of such month shall be a legal holiday, in which case the business meeting shall be held on the second Tuesday of that respective month.

Section 2: General membership and forum meetings of the organization shall be held on the second Thursday of the every month, except when the second Thursday of such month shall be a legal holiday, in which case the general membership and forum meetings shall be held on the third Thursday of that respective month.