The Capital Press Club

Founded in 1944, we are the nation’s oldest African American Communications organization. Now our mandate is to educate and assist communications professionals throughout their careers. Our goal is your success. 

Our Story

As the oldest African-American communications association in the nation, The Capital Press Club has a 74-year commitment to the success of African Americans in communications. It is committed to invest in its members and their future. Established in 1944, its Founders included:

These individuals, as well as other charter members, were dedicated to upgrading the status and working conditions of African-American journalists. Today, we serve all communications professionals while honoring our rich history.

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What People Say About CPC

Over the years we’ve served a powerful purpose. Serving and honoring communications professionals in the greater Washington, DC area.

Young members gain the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and gain valuable experience while networking with peers and decision-makers in the industry.
This organization has a history rich in empowerment. It provides its members with access. Access to newsmakers, resources and the professional development needed to remain competitive in this marketplace.
Dr. Colin H. Campbell, MS, MBA, Ph.d
CPC President