The Programming Committee

The Programming Committee is often comprised of Capital Press Club members that want to contribute to the planning and Program Committeefacilitation of club events, such as newsmaker forums, networking sessions and professional development classes.

Members of the committee work with the committee chair to create events that will attract members and others to attend. Volunteer Now!!

These duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Attending one program committee meeting monthly
  • Helping to plan or facilitate at least one event annually
  • Communicating with potential and confirmed program participants, moderators or instructors. i.e. newsmakers, professionals, etc. that will contribute to the content of a Capital Press Club event.
  • Work with the digital media committee and public relations committees to ensure that the event specifics are clearly communicated via the website, social media vehicles, Constant Contact and to the local news media
  • To initiate and guide program evaluations, and follow with attendees, participants and VIPs
  • To facilitate discussions about program priorities for the Capital Press Club

Committee members are welcome to apply to become the Program Chair and member of the Executive Board. The Program Chair provides oversight to the program committee. The Chair also executes the programming component of the overall mission of the Capital Press Club and its executive board. The Program Chair has a vote in Executive Board actions and overall strategic plans for the club.